Chicken Parmigiana

Made by Mom, baked and topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato gravy. Served over sphagetti

Chicken Pacino

Peppercorn, lemon wine sauce topped with mozzarella and jumbo lump crab over smashed potatoes

Chicken Alla Siciliana*

Roasted peppers and asparagus with melted mozzarella in an infused wine sauce

  • Lunch: $12 - Dinner: $19.00

Chicken Franco*

sun dried tomato and baby spinach in a lemon caper wine sauce over a bed of linguini

  • Lunch: $12 - Dinner: $19

Chicken Marsala*

Fresh mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce

Chicken Noir

cajun chicken breasts with roasted peppers, bacon & sharp provolone. Drizzled with a dijon cream reduction and served over brussel sprouts

  • Dinner Only: $19.00

Chicken Alla Vodka

Light vodka basil tomato cream sauce tossed with penne pasta and aged pecorino Romano cheese

Chicken & Shrimp Sinatra

sautéed chicken breast w. jumbo shrimp tossed in a brandy mushroom sauce finished w.
mozzarella cheese over linguine


Chicken Ava

grilled chicken over pancetta bits & garlic brussel sprouts topped w. a fresh rosemary brandy
dijon reduction

Chicken Isobel

grilled chicken, lump crabmeat, & baby spinach in blush sauce tossed w. penne

  • Dinner Only: $22

Chicken Marlowe

grilled chicken tossed in a chile garlic cream sauce w. sweet peas, red onion & penne pasta garnished w. crispy bacon & shaved pecorino

Chicken Marlowe is a dinner special that may have limited availability.

Chicken Winston

grilled chicken w. sweet italian sausage in a  pesto cream sauce w. bruschetta tomato,pancetta bits & shaved pecorino drizzled w. balsamic glaze and tossed with penne

  • Dinner Only: $19