Cheese Ravioli

With tomato gravy or marinara

  • Add Meat Sauce: $2.00
  • Add Meatball: $2.00
  • Add Sweet Italian Sausage: $2.00


Hand rolled ricotta cheese pillow style with tomato gravy

  • Lunch: $6.99 - Dinner: $12.00


Homemade by Mom with ground beef

  • Add Meat Sauce: $2.00

Baked Ziti

Penne tossed with ricotta and tomato gravy, oven baked with mozzarella

Eggplant Parmigiana

Lightly breaded eggplant covered in provolone served with a side of spaghetti

Linguine with Garlic & Oil

Olive oil, fresh garlic and black olives

  • Lunch: $6.99 - Dinner: $12.00

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine in a creamy cheese sauce.

  • Lunch: $6.99 - Dinner: $14.00
  • Add Chicken: $6.00
  • Add Shrimp: $6.00

Tortellini Blush

Blush cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes

Pasta Carbonara

Pancetta and bacon tossed with Fettuccine in a creamy, peppery, Alfredo sauce

Gorgonzola Gnocchi

Gorgonzola cream sauce with a hint of tomato gravy

Lobster Bianco

cold water lobster w. prosciutto, sweet peas, touch of lemon in a vodka cream reduction and served with penne pasta

Lobster Bianco is a dinner special that may have limited availability.