As some of you already know. Vallé's offers special cuts of beef as daily specials. As the owner and true beef lover myself, I am expanding on this idea.

Every week we order specialty cuts of beef for our special board. In recent weeks I have been experimenting with other specialty cuts. I have dedicated to add as many as I can weekly for those of you who love a great steak like I do. These orders vary due to price and availability. Below is a list of the different cuts of beef that we will be ordering.

  • 6, 9 & 12 oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon
  • 14 oz. Rib Eye Steak
  • New York Strip Steak
  • 8 oz. Barrel Cut Rib Eye
  • Other specialty cuts as specials

We will be ordering these specialty cuts of beef in the following ways, according to market price.

Specialty Beef Selections

Certified Angus Beef™

To earn the "Certified Angus Beef"™ product label, beef must be from Angus-type cattle, traditionally the beef industry's recognized quality leader. But more than that, "Certified Angus Beef"™ product must conform to stringent standards based on marbling, maturity and leanness. In fact, only about seven out of 100 cattle will meet these rigid standards and earn the coveted Certified Angus Beef™ label.

Dry-Aged USDA Choice

Like fine wine and cheese, some things get better with age. It is the same way with beef. Aging makes it tender and full of flavor. It ensures the finest and tastiest meats possible. Aging beef doesn't take years, however. It varies from about three to four weeks, but it requires controlled and properly maintained conditions. Dry-aging is accomplished by storing beef in a controlled environment with low humidity and constant air circulation. As a result, moisture evaporates from the beef producing a stronger flavor. The process is similar to that of a chef reducing a sauce to achieve a more intense flavor. Dry-aging, however, does not affect the juiciness of the meat.

Dry-Aged Certified Angus Beef™

A combination of the above.

If you are a true lover of a great steak, I invite you to try one of these specialty cuts. Because we will be ordering them in small quantities, please ask your server what is available tonight.

Certified Angus Beef